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Mary’s Armor is a Divinely inspired Marian movement that came into existence in April of 2020. Our organization is devoted to spreading Christian living by praying for the forsaken, serving the Church, and spreading God’s words through consecration to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. By the grace of God and through the assistance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we have members in over 20 countries and still growing

We welcome and encourage the population to nourish their faith and grow closer to God, so we may be worthy of our place in His kingdom.

Join us in Consoling Jesus Christ, our Lord through Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary

Daily Bible Readings

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Embrace your faith and open your hearts to His words.

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Broadcast God’s words and teachings in your own ways.

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International Consecrated Marian Society

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Meet our partner in the Christian community.

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Donate to Our Mission and Project

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Contribute to our organization’s growth and projects. We are in partnership with International Consecrated Marian Society.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

To empower consecrated men and women on how to grow spiritually in Catholic faith as they grow closer to Jesus through Blessed Virgin Mary. (During my discussions with…

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