Who is Mary’s Armor

Our Blessed Mother Mary’s Message on Mary’s Armor

Mary’s Armor is a Heavenly inspired Marian movement to fulfil the message of Fatima through Consecration to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And also to strengthen the first Saturday Devotion. To prepare members worldwide for their spiritual journey to eternal life. Our Lady of Fatima came to the three shepherds to warn people about worldly unrest. Now Mary’s Armor is here to remind people about that message to help them prepare for the chaos in the world today and for what is to come.
To unit all Children of God, especially the Marian societies, together. There are so much dichotomy among Marian societies that they forget that I am one Mother for all. I, Mother Mary will unit them and my children to come together and pray in one voice to conquer the enemy, the forces that is opposing the reign of God. Think about divided we fall but United, we stand. The devil has a strong network, and that’s why children of God are killing themselves. Because the enemy knows that if they find out his secret and unite themselves as one, he is finished. Why can’t my children wake up and smell the Roses (Mother Mary’s presence) and out bright the enemy with my direction?. Mary’s Armor is here to shine the light to break the chains of division among my children and unit them back together. As the Bible said, at the end, all my children will come back to become one in the body of Christ. Mary’s Armor is here to fulfil that prophesy that all God’s church will be one at the end. I am the UNIFIER, and nothing will stop me.

Look around you, my daughter, what do you see? Hopelessness. People are falling away from my Son and His Body. They have lost Hope because the enemy has stolen their hearts and gave them false hopes into destructions. Even my true lovers are losing hopes because of things around them. Mary’s Armor, the Hope and protector of the vulnerable is here to give Hope back to God’s children that all is not lost despite all the calamities around the world. To strengthen them and prepare them for eternal life through my Immaculate Heart. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel but they must listen and follow my directions.

I came to shield them from the wicked one, the enemy, proud and disobedient evil one, the Lucifer with my virginal Mantle of protection.
As a Mother Warrior to give God’s children reassurance of God’s Mercy, and I will do all I can to intercede for My children from the evil one.

Consecration to my Son Jesus Christ through my Immaculate Heart and live it out is the key for the eternal salvation. How:

  1. By total submission and surrender to the Will of God through Me, your Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth.
  2. To become my possession and property. Be my own. Allow me in you to take you to my Son, Jesus Christ.
  3. Invoke my name all the time with every activity and know that I’m with you always
  4. Convert souls for my Son, Jesus Christ. My Son is in constant agony with atrocities going on around the world. These are a call for lots of reparations and rosaries. My message to the three shepherds – pray, do penance for your sin and the sins of the whole world. My heart is bleeding to watch My Son’s unbearable sacrifice at Calvary be in vain. How long will He bear the pain, my daughter, and my children keep telling Him to bear it, Lord? Show love and mercy as He has done for His brothers and sisters.
  5. Strengthen my message on the 1st Saturday Devotion. This will help my children live out their life of Consecration. Practice and constantly share with others keeps the momentum going. Journey as a community help in strengthening their Faith and makes the journey easier. You can’t journey alone in this journey of faith.
  6. Visit the Blessed Sacrament ongoing. The more, the better, Daily even better because the more you spend quiet time with my Son, Jesus Christ, the more I, the Mother of God, will teach you the secrets about Him to build your relationship with Him. I will show you how to adore Him to console Him.
  7. Wear or have your Scapular always because it’s the constant reminder of your commitment of Consecration and my(Mother Mary) presence with you. Teach my children about my promises on the scapular. This is very important. It’s part of hope for eternal life.
  8. Share with them the Daily guidelines and prayers for their daily journey to holiness.
  9. Read on the word of God, the Bible contemplatively daily to open your horizon to the Spirit of God. Practice meditation to the Word of God.

The above messages are not new, but my children need to hear them over and over. My Son, Jesus Christ, told you that He is a mountain, and to climb it is not easy, but through Me, your Mother, I will teach you all the easy shortcuts to the top. My daughter, write the books I told you. Some of the shortcuts are hidden in them.

Remain strong and steadfast in Faith. Trust and Obey your God.