The Blessed Virgin Mary’s motherhood, in order of the grace, has been understood and lived by Christians all over the world. In the early life of Mother Mary, she was known to be a kind and obedient daughter; loved by all who know her as she was a loving and God-abiding person.

Elias had seen a prophetic vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary being born in the seventh age of the world, and that she would carry in her womb the Savior, Jesus Christ. This prophecy had come to existence, and when God sent forth an angel to proclaim His will, she bravely accepted the blessing and the obligations of motherhood. She gave birth to Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior, in a stable in Bethlehem. She had raised the Lord with love and respect and had protected Him from harm.

The Blessed Virgin Mary witnessed, cried, and prayed as her Son was condemned and crucified. As she stood and mourned for Him at the foot of His cross, she sustained her trust in God’s plans. She had perceived the role of her Son in the redemption of humanity. As she reached the end of her life, she realized how she was still a part of His plans as He exalted the Blessed Virgin Mary’s body and soul to Heaven.

Our Blessed Virgin Mary is venerated as the holiest of all creatures, the patroness of goodness and of humanity. Her special role in the Christian faith springs from her unique relationship with the Holy Trinity. She is introduced in Christian education as the Mother of All and she is blessed by the omnipotent creator to act as a mediator in His plan for redemption. As we ask her intercession, we seek for her assistance in praying for our souls.